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Jimmy Robeson

Jimmy's Bio:

Jimmy Robeson has been leading worship since high school and has a strong passion to lead people to the throne of God. He has an Associate of Theology degree from Calvary Chapel Bible College, and is currently a worship leader at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido, Ca and travels frequently, leading worship across the nation and internationally.


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New video blog from Jimmy Robeson http://ourburninghearts.com/featured/sunrise/ You may be at a place where you’ve known God for a long time, but yet do you meet with him? Are you in awe of Him? Do you spend time at his feet worshipping Him?

The Story Behind Our Burning Hearts

Our Burning Hearts is a community of creative types from all walks of life who are united and inspired by God. This community desires to inspire hope within, encourage, foster and multiply a unique fusion of people who are looking for God inside everyday experiences.

Through dynamic topical videos, blogs, stories and songs, the community of Our Burning Hearts aims to show people the radiant glory of God reflecting off of and throughout our lives. Then, in turn, leading people towards hope, faith, understanding, joy, love and purpose, towards their Creator. The words found written or spoken here have come from the honest perspectives of artists, musicians, speakers, worship leaders, photographers, leaders, and visionaries describing a real, active, present God and are for those who are searching, longing, burning for Him.